[OCCRA]: Arbor press and hex broaches

My team would like to use a hex broach on a part, and I am writing to check if legal. I could not find a rule allowing or disallowing hex broaches.

Moderator edit: What Gus has posted here is accurate for FRC purposes, but should not be considered an answer for OCCRA rule purposes.

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Teams use them all the time. In general, manufacturing techniques are allowed as long as the product at the end doesn’t violate any rules.

I’ve never done this myself, but the big caveat I’ve seen in the threads about them is to make sure you have the hole and the broach lined up precisely and squarely. If it’s out of line, the stresses increase the deeper you go, and something will eventually give, releasing a lot of energy in a short time.

Yes, You may broach parts with a hex broach if you have one.