[OCCRA]: Ball inflation definition?

Game Definitions at 2.3 of the Over n’ Out Game Manual declare that the 13 inch diameter kickballs will be “inflated to roughly one point five (1.5) psi.”

A question was asked at the kickoff about whether other specifications might be provided. Has this been defined? For example, will the pressure be the primary setting, or will a diameter or circumference be the gauge?

The balls will be managed to a size tolerance
The size of the balls will be policed with a set of Diameter Gauges
These are two sheets of plywood with round holes in them.
The ball must freely pass through the larger hole, and the ball must not freely pass through the smaller hole.
The ball is specified as being nominally 13.0" in Diameter
This is a 40.68" Circumference.
We designed the Diameter Gauges to be plus/minus 1 inch variance on the CIRCUMFERENCE on the balls.
This means that the Maximum diameter of a legal ball will be 13.32"
and the Minimum diameter of a legal ball will be 12.68"

We will plan to check all of the balls for size compliance before each tournament.
Be advised that balls may change size slightly with temperature and use.
Teams may ask the referees to recheck ball size if any balls appear out of spec.
The refs reserve the right to limit heeding these requests if they are deemed to be excessive.