The official ball size should be 8.5" diameter (26.7" circumference.) Some “jumbo tennis balls” are only 8" in diameter–if you get some of these under-sized balls, DO NOT TRY TO FILL THEM TO THE FULL 8.5" DIAMETER! The balls should have the feel of a regular tennis ball: they should flex in easily when you squeeze them and only bounce to around half the height they are dropped from.

If we mistakenly sent you an under-sized ball, we will exchange it for one that’s the correct size. We will have balls that are the correct size at the Sept. 23 OCCRA workshops.

From Terri Kroll to all teams:
The 8.5” game ball is being sent out to you by OS van mail or US mail today, so watch for it. They are neon yellow, so please write your team number on it. We have not been able to find any other colors that are 8.5”. We have ordered them from several companies that say they are 8.5, but they aren’t. The only place I have found to purchase them is Five Below.

Call me if you have any other source of different color game balls.

Mr. Mac adds: OCCRA will find a way to distinguish bonus balls from game balls if we are not able to secure any colored blue or red that are the correct size; ALL OCCRA BALLS FOR 2017 WILL BE 8.5" IN DIAMETER!