[OCCRA]: Banquet

This is Robert From the Hazel Park Roboitcs Team and I need to get tickets for the banquet, including the coaches and the entire Hazel Park Team. I need roughly need 25 tickets. Heres a list of the team members and coaches.

Team Mates:
James Burlingame, Fracis Cottrell, Robert Crabtree, Josh Gora, Lauren Hatlas, Amber Hawley, Dale Hawley Jr., Robert Hilla, Michael Holley, Eric Kaminskas, Megan Kocik, Mikaela Kolka, Lyndsay Martin, Mike McClellan, Jacob Montgomery, Kelly Paterson, Eric Roberts, Timothy Royer, Brittany Slusher, and Travis Walters

Dawn Gafa-Davis, Chuck Doehring, Dale Hawley, and Michael Siniarski


Hazel Park High School
Cpt. Robert Crabtree

I forwarded your request to: [email protected] (that’s where all requests for tickets should go)