[OCCRA]: Banquet

How does everyone think the banquet went? I think the food was edible but the ceremony was a lot better last year. thoughts? :slight_smile:

90% of our team was at Model United Nations in Lansing last night, and the rest of us couldn’t come.

I thought the banquet went very well. I was unable to attend the banquet last year, but based on the many different banquets i have attended in my life, this was defiantly one of the better or best ones. The speeches were not to long and i enjoyed them. The pictures and videos were really well done and creative. Is there anyway to get a copy of the video or at least the power point of pictures? Theres a specific one that i would like to get :slight_smile: but if theres a way to get a copy of all of the pictures and that video that be great.

As for food, i thought the mashed potatoes where great, biscuits where awesome, cake was pretty good… but the meat was defiantly a mystery meat : ) but not tooo bad…

All in all i came away from the banquet motivated and inspired.

Great job to all the People involved in OCCRA, the teams. And especially all the volunteers and coordinators… I think we can all say a THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for making this possible for all of us to compete… Amazing job, keep on keeping up the good work : )


This was my teams first ever banquet and first ever year in OCCRA. they enjoyed the food and so did I (but he rice and string beans were kinda tastless). We also enjoyed the movie and the power point too.

IT WAS ALL SO COOL…im preaty sure i speak for the team(and our parents) when i ask, is there any way that we could get a copy of the power point or the video that was shown at the banquet??? :]


(cause i’m sure we will)