[OCCRA]: Championship bracket


I thought I was doing pretty well, understanding everything that was going on, until we came to the championship. I don’t understand how you determine who goes when. I understand this much:

Each team’s top 12 seeding matches alliance totals are added together, then the teams are ranked by this total. Starting from the highest ranking, each team gets to choose another team to become their alliance. Beyond this, I’m lost–can #1 select #2? Does that mean the 13th ranked team slides up and gets to select a team for their alliance? Also, how does anyone determine which alliance plays when? Could you possibly post the bracket you used, and give an explanation to a newbie?

Thanks so much…for putting up with me!


We use the tournament trees at this link: http://calontir.sca.org/marshal/tournament-trees-de.pdf

There are others but in the past few years w have used the trees from this site. We use the 16 team, double elimination.

We use the 16 team because in OCCRA there was 24 to 27 teams if all played. This is actually 12 to 14 alliances as each alliance is made up of two teams. Tournament trees that are double elimination are based upon brackets of 8. The brackets are called NCAA style as the top teams play the bottom teams, a common format that rewards the top teams and keeps the top teams from eliminating each other early.

As in past years teams are ranked based upon their 12 best matches. Some teams may play as many as 18 matches. This is because a few teams did not participate in the womens tournament. There were 2 seeding matches played at the Championship.

The teams were ranked and brought out on the field and put in order 1 to 24 as there were 24 teams.

The top 6 ranked teams cannot select each other (this is clearly stated in the OCCRA team rules). Starting with the top seed each selects a alliance until all teams are selected. This process besides written out was reviewed at several tournaments and drivers meetings.

The teams are then placed in the tree with the appropriate byes. The tree we selected uses the NCAA format which plays the top teams against the bottom teams. This ensures that the top teams cannot eliminate each other until the quarter finals.

All matches were single matches until we reached the final four teams then it became best 2 out of 3. A losing team goes to the losers bracket. A team is not eliminated from the tournament unless they lose two matches. Once the top 4 teams are set a team still has to lose 2 matches, therefore it is possible that a team coming from the losers side may actually lose 3 games or more and end up a winner. This all depends on the situation and order of match play.

Bottom line is … the brackets are NOT made by us and team rankings determine who goes where at what time.

If you or your team leader has other suggestions please have them presented at the end of season meeting for consideration. This meeting determines what the competition will look like for the next season.