[OCCRA]: Championship Info

Several teams are asking the same questions so here they are:

  1. ? How are teams ranked? Please refer to the 2008 OCCRA rules. Basically… the teams are ranked upon their 12 best scores. These are averaged to get a number. The higher the number the higher the ranking.

  2. ? What is the selection process? Please refer to the 2008 OCCRA rules. Starting with the highest ranked team each team will select an alliance partner. The top 6 teams CANNOT select each other. Selections continue until all teams are selected.

  3. ? Who plays Whom? Please refer to the 2008 OCCRA rules. We use a double elimination Tournament Tree that matches teams using the NCAA system of highest plays lowest. If a team loses a match they go to the losers bracket. In the finals there will be 1 team from the main bracket and 1 team from the lossers bracket to play for the championship. Remember you only have to beat a team by 1 point. All ties will be replayed. The FINALS match is best 2 of 3. All others are single games.

  4. ? Can we have a copy of the tree you will be using? We will make that available as a pdf as soon as possible. It is the same as last year.

  5. ? How many seeding matches are at the Championship? There will be two seeding matches at the championship. Then a brief pause as we calculate the final rankings. When complete each team will send 1 team represenative to the field for selection process. Please develop your list of whom you want to form an alliance with… be prepared to select a team.

  6. ? Is the placebo available if my alliance partner breaks in a match? NO Please refer to the 2008 OCCRA rules