[OCCRA]: Championships

So who is excited and can’t wait until saturday? I can’t wait for it to get here. is everyone ready? what are your predictions??? :slight_smile:

you already know what im predicting Josh. :smiley:

Im not sure why but I predict that one allaince will meet another allaince in the end of the tournimant to deside the winner and one of them will win. Also I see lots of cheering possibly for the teams competing. :yikes: (Ohhh…Ahhh)

You better learn how to spell boy. Tournament not tournimate alliance not allaince and decide not deside, but anyways that is bound to happen :slight_smile:

I jsut tpye to fsat srory botu thta lol

hahahaha you are something else, but I don’t know what :confused:

hey josh I think he might be a elephant

Im willing to bet itll be awesome

right there with you.

rookie driving team represent

edit: come to think of it, rookie team with no sleep because they’re going to a LAN on friday night

way to tell the whole world we’re nerds :-p

Ben, we’re building robots out of thousands of dollars of electronics and caffiene! Of course we’re nerds! And proud of it! :slight_smile:

shhhhhhh caffine is not on the approved matarials list… youll get us banned

Don’t get me started on the horrors and drawbacks of abusing stimulants… There will be plenty of time to get enough sleep for Saturday, especially since field setup starts at 7am. :wink:

I’m expecting some awesome matches out there, since it is the last opportunity for everyone to show what they can do. The elimination matches should be plenty interesting because there are so many robots out there that can play the game well, and plenty of complimentary alliances. When you get to the eliminations, there are no reasons to hold back. :smiley:

It’ll will be sad for me (and a handful of other people) once the final match is played, because it will be the last time we will build an OCCRA robot (Woo Seniors!) But that’s not to say I won’t be coming back to help. :cool:


I’m gonna smuggle like 350mg of it into the competition in my body, don’t tell anyone though.

Me, being the complete dork that I am, when my English teacher asked what was going on this weekend i told my class to come. not that anyone actually will, but it was worth the effort :slight_smile: I"m excited to see the championship match, I have a feeling the last few matches are going to be AWESOME. not only that, but I’m curious to know whether my predictions of winners and alliances and such are true or not … :slight_smile:

I think the 2 matches played before picking are going to crazy. If you look at the standings the teams ranked from 4 to 13 can move up or down and can turn out any way. The finals are going to be great see everyone there :slight_smile:

“expect the unexpected”… MIX IT UP!!! :smiley:

I think it all went well. There were some pretty great matches out there today. I think that everyone was extremely competitive. Congratulations to everyone and my thanks goes out to 245. You guys were an awesome partner and we worked well together, I enjoyed working with you guys. :slight_smile:

It was a great competition, and I hope everyone who was there had an awesome time. I’d like to give a big thanks to our alliance partner 47 for picking us. It was great playing with you guys and we’d love to do it again (you free sometime early April? :wink: )

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