[OCCRA]: Clarification on scoring 2014?

Would it be possible to get some clarification on scoring? Rule GR4 states that the yellow crate “double the normal shelf score”, however rule GR8 states that “the scoring of any yellow crate depends on where it is located at the end of he match, but their value is doubled”. Our team is having an issue with this because we interpreted GR4 to mean that, for example, having one yellow crate placed on a shelf containing 4 green crates would total the shelf at 10 points (1 point per crate, yellow doubling entire shelf score). Is this correct? If not, does the yellow crate only double how much it is worth, not any other crates? Also, if the yellow crates double the entire shelf (5 crates, 1 yellow = 10 points), does that multiplier stack (3 green crates + 2 yellow crates = 20 points)?

Yes–this is confusing and will be clarified
GR4 currently states:
“There are also 4 yellow BONUS CRATES that each double the normal shelf score.”
It will be changed in Rules Version #9 to read:
" There are also 4 yellow BONUS CRATES that each double their normal score on a shelf."

GR8 states:
“The scoring of any yellow BONUS CRATE also depends upon where it is located at the end of the match but their value is doubled.”

GR8 will remain as written; the doubling effect for a yellow BONUS CRATE only effects itself: a score for a yellow crate will be either 2 or 4 points. BONUS CRATES DO NOT DOUBLE THE SCORE OF THE OTHER CRATES ON THE SAME SHELF.