[OCCRA]: Current County Ranking

Here is the current county ranking. Remember that we only count your top 12 scores for your overall county ranking out of a possible 18 matches.

2018 OCCRA Overall Ranking.pdf (187 KB)

2018 OCCRA Overall Ranking.pdf (187 KB)

Thanks for updating.

Do these scores only count the 12 highest? (out of 14 that have been played)

Our match scores have been
Bloomfield - 50, 30, 28, 9
Birmingham - 41, 38, 43, 9
Diversity - 37, 43, 42, 50, 46, 35 (a 55 was mentor match and 33 was surrogate match)
Our twelve highest have been 50, 50, 46, 43, 43, 42, 41, 38, 37, 35, 30, 28 for a total of 483.

As we explained at Diversity, we only count the top 4 scores from that tournament not counting the mentor match into your overall score, i.e. your scores that are getting counted from Diversity into your overall score are 50, 46, 43, and 42.

Is this a new change this year? According to the rules in Section 3.5:

“A Teams rank will be determined based on the total of its twelve (12) highest Match Points totals from ALL of the qualification matches they played. <snip> All Qualification Matches played are eligible towards a Teams Match Point Average, including those played at the county championship, but excluding any surrogate Matches they played at an individual event.”

There is nothing in the rules saying that only 4 of a team’s 6 qualification matches from the diversity tournament will be counted into the overall county rankings.

If memory serves me right, in the past, the top 4 scores have been used to determined rankings at the diversity tournament, but all qualification matches from the diversity tournament have been included in the overall country standings (excluding mentor and surrogate matches).

If this isn’t the case, the rules should be updated with a clarification…

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Are we going to get updated standings? The last event was over a week ago and the County Championship is less than 24 hours away. It would be helpful to know where teams stand heading into the final event.

Also, has there been any clarification on the posts above?

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