[OCCRA]: Diversity Tournament Matches

This was announced last week but I am repeating it here:
The first match Saturday will be a Co-ed match; this means that you should have both a male and a female driving your robot and an additional male and female to be coach and HP. Also, the pit crew should be roughly half and half.

The next 2 matches will be male-only at all the positions I just mentioned

The next match will be adults-only at each of the mentioned positions with the added restriction that NO MORE THAN ONE PERSON SHOULD BE A FORMER DRIVER FOR YOUR TEAM! bringing back your drive team from last year defeats the spirit of this event.

The final 2 matches will be female-only for all of the positions mentioned earlier.

Like always, if students have a robot repair that can’t be done in time for the next match without additional help (from adults or another gender), they can request a waiver from Mr. McIntyre.