[OCCRA]: Exact Measurements for the Distance Between the Tee and Field Barrier.

Our team would like to know if there is a numerical value for the distance between the center of the tee and the inner edge (near the inside of the field) of the field barrier?

The distance from the center of the Tee to the edge of its mounting board is about 3.63" and it butts up against the base of the field perimeter structure that is 4" x 4" angle aluminum, so the distance to the INSIDE edge of the field perimeter is about 7.63." The base structure for the tees will have Velcro on the bottom which might raise the entire structure about .1" off the carpet (but probably less since there will be some settling in occurring over time.) Also, there will be two wood extensions, made from 18" pieces of 2 x 2 stock, that screw into the ends of each of the Tee’s wood base plates so that the Tees won’t fall over if contacted by a robot or HP. The Tees also will have a connection to the railing of the field perimeter, made from a non-rigid material such as a pool noodle. This will provide a spacing without transmitting vibrations from the field perimeter to the Tees.