[OCCRA]: Few questions about the competition

My name is Adam Denz, I am the team leader of Clarkston High SChool Robotics, and I had a few questions.

  1. Is the center stationary platform rigid?
  2. Is it held together, and if so how?
  3. Can i have some pictures of the field itself, we were told you were going to give us pictures of the field on the cd, you did not, just a schematic.
    Send them to [email protected] please.
  4. What is the width between the Tubie holes, or the slots the tubies are supposed to be placed in?
  5. Can we have a more detailed schematic of the center station?
  6. Is one end of the arrow, heavier than the other?
  7. We were just wondering, how much does the whole center station weigh?

Thanks for the info