[OCCRA]: finaly... sigh*

we finaly got vexnet working. after forever and alot of hard work and finaly turned around BAM it works. weird. apperently the robot wants a completely overcharged battery to connect to the controler

nevermind. our vexnet will not work.

It can be very frustrating not having a system to operate.

Please bring your VEXnet components to the Walled Lake Competition tomorrow and I will make sure you have something operating – barring bad components which I don’t have spares and will need OCCRA to provide, before you go home. We may need to work together after the competition to make this happen.

See you tomorrow around 8 am.

3098 - Waterford Kettering will ther be there too! We can’t even get our code loaded! Thanks Marc!

Are you trying to load code from the serial port on the RC or on the Radio? If you have updated the Master Code, AND tested VEXnet driving from the radio on VEXnet, then try uploading from the Radio end. You should still be able to upload code from the RC serial port. Other teams cant get it to work either? Seems unlikely that it is a VEXnet hardware problem with 20 total teams.

I still haven’t been able to get VEXnet to work. We didn’t have time today to get help with it as we were having to many problems with the robot itself. I have upgraded the master code in the controller and paired the two components. It worked tethered by the USB cable, but not through the wireless.

what does it do when you try wireless? What lights blink, on the VEXnet and RC? When the two are connected, all of the lights on the VEXnet conversions will be the same on both ends. What color is the Robot light?

It gives me the blinking yellow light that, according to the key, says the two cannot find each other. There may have been something i missed. I am really new to working on programming. Normally, I just do the CAD drawings…

The light will blink yellow for a little while. Once you turn both units on (after they have initially been tethered and can find each other) they will blink yellow, then blink yellow a little faster, then suddenly the VEXnet and ROBOT lights will turn green. The GAME light will stay off unless you have an arena controller or competition switch plugged in. It takes me at least like 20 seconds for them to find each other. When you tether them, make sure they are both running and working and you can drive the robot. Anyone know if we are allowed to use VEXnet in the pits?

You should be able to use VEXnet in the pits. It was tested at last summer’s competiton and no problems were found (per M. Martus). Tethering, of course, is always the safest route.