How many of you guys will we see in FIRST this year? has anybody else signed up for any regionals yet? I’m so excited for the season to start! our team had a rough start, we lost some of the main people last year, so our team kind of started from scratch, but i am SO impressed on how much better it is going now, so I’m SO pumped for it to start! Anybody else?

We have a team that could (unlike last year) really put the time in and be dedicated, alas after our FIRST feasco (sp) team 2/1489 will not be compeating this year (im almost 100% sure)

I think OCCRA is the best training possible for a team to transition into FIRST, because it gives all the students hands-on experience with motors, electronics, basic machining, strategy, and design. Honestly, I can see the transition of all of our freshmen and new members throughout the course of the season. They develop so many cooperative skills and design tactics that I could not imagine trying to teach without building a robot.

(Cut Time for a big THANK YOU to all of OCCRA!)

Keep in mind, The State of Michigan still has introductory grants availible to any new teams joining FIRST - enough to cover basic registration and possibly a 2nd regional if wanted.


A few words of advice to the OCCRA participants who’ll be competing in FIRST:

Even though at least one of the FRC Champions for the last six years is located within 20 miles from here, we have not yet been proclaimed the center of the Universe. Most ChiefDelphians have no idea where Farmington Hills, North Farmington, or Waterford is. I suggest that you change your profiles to reflect a more exact location.

Most of us understand that OCCRA robots are high school student designed and built. So, we also understand how the “us versus them” mentality could creep in from other high school activities, such as sports. However, you will find that FIRST operates on a much higher plane. As a few of you may have already gotten hints from the little Red Dots, we will expect you to elevate your decorum.

I completely agree with you Alex, OCCRA is the best time for rookies to get the feeling of FIRST. Our OCCRA team is mainly freshman because it is required to become a FIRST team member. I am looking forward to this FIRST season and can’t wait for it to get here. :slight_smile:

we’ll be there, just team 308 instead of 802

Most of the members of OCCRA 43 are members of FIRST team 68 (Truck Town). Truck Town is out of Pontiac.

I am not sure, as we have a parent advisory board that makes those decisions.

Absolutely! I am the lone programmer of 68, so if you see our robot freaking out, you’ll know it’s JBot’s fault… :ahh:
Our FIRST team is pretty well-established, but our coach for OCCRA was laid off, control was passed off to a new coach, and all of the members that knew what they were doing were seniors. Now we have a strong freshman base, which is good for the team, and this season is by far the best season I’ve been through.


is #420 taken?

I am pretty sure that 420 is not taken. :confused: (Anyone correct me if I am wrong) :slight_smile:

does a group have to be affilated with a school? Cause we have a bunch of ppl intrested and enough money to participate…

I am not positive about this but I think you can start a club thing and pay to participate instead of having a school affiliated with it. You can probably find the answer at www.usfirst.org. :slight_smile:

To get the State grant you have to be a public school district.

As for number 420 being used or not, it is irrelevant. Rookie teams would be assigned new numbers - we are nearly to 2200 now. Split or reformed teams would be given numbers that are no longer used in the range of other teams with similar experience. If 420 was available, that would probably have been a better number to use for the 494 split, rather than 70. But I’m not in charge of things.

There currently is no Team 420 registered for any events. That doesn’t necessarily mean the number is available - a team could be on hiatus.

That would be a six-year hiatus, according to FIRST. That number is most likely in the pool of numbers for reassignment, should the time come that a team needs a new number.

Wow, I didn’t know you could do that. Just click on any team profile anywhere, then change the url to the team number you want to look at. Sure saves a lot of time waiting for the entire list of registered events to come up.

Yeah I did the same thing that you did I checked every FIRST event looking for a 420 but did not find it about 20 to 25 minutes wasted!!! :slight_smile:

It actually gets even easier on Firefox. Put http://www.usfirst.org/frc/map/index.lasso?page=teaminfo&team=%s in your bookmarks, with a keyword of some sort in that blank. (I use “team”.) Then, in your address bar, you just type “team 1618” to get to get 1618’s entry on the FIRST site. (Obviously, if you used a different keyword, you’d put that instead.)