[OCCRA]: Fun at competitions

Does everybody like the team mascots at the competitions?

Which Mascot do you think is the best?

I like the Robo-Knights’ chain mail :slight_smile:

I can’t really have a say at this, Because I AM the mascot >_<…(Dog)
I had fun at the Northern regional, however, when me and the other mascots were doing the can-can! Did anybody catch that?
I wasn’t the mascot for the duration of the matches at lamphere, though… But I was the caper! And I was the mascot dancing at the awards ceremony!

Being a mascot is EXTREMELY fun! I recommend everybody who wants to be a mascot to go out there, and BE the mascot!

By the way, Those chainmails are HEAVY! With the sleeveless one weighing at a whopping 40 pounds! It must have taken a lot of stregnth of them to wear those all day!

The two mascots I remember most are the Husky (65), and the Shark (team… ??? I don’t remember). There isn’t a ton of mascot action as compared to FIRST, but the spirit is still there.

If this were a word matching game, the first word that comes to my mind when I hear mascot is “ThunderChickens”


i liked the shark one… need two saftey goggles…

coolest mascot? i’d have to say the shark was pretty awesome…
I think its really awesome that people get into it this much! and i think our team will have a mascot the next time we compeat!

THX!!! that was me and one other person

Yes, definitely the shark. Seeing as wildstang has yet to acquire one!