[OCCRA]: Gauge

Does the box still need the 14 gauge wires? And what gauge does the drill bit motors need? I think I saw something about it changing?

The official wire size for OCCRA is 14 gage wire on all motors. We would like you to use red/black color combination as it will assist the inspectors in tracing your path of current.

NOTE: It is very important to have a “Clean” wire job. There is nothing more frustrating then assisting a team when they have a spaghetti mess, with no wires identified as to their location. Please identify each motor, each speed controller, each spike and all limit switches with a number. Then mark each wire with the appropriate number. That will make your life, when working on electrical troubles, many times simpler.

As a matter of fact a “Great Team” will have a wiring diagram showing all paths of current.