[OCCRA]: Girls in OCCRA

Team 47 would like your input for the next publication of the event newsletter.

Answer this?

How has OCCRA effected your future choices of a career?

What aspects of OCCRA do you think are the most important?

Please post the information in this thread. Please use your full name and team number.

HELP! Please pass this on to the female members of your team.

We need this by November 1st to make the next edition.

Nicole Ulmer- previous member of team 47…
I know that I am a graduated member, but O.C.C.R.A has affected my life dramatically. I did not pursue a technology career, but I am pursuing a RN(Nursing career), and OCCRA did help to influence that decision. I made a safety program and information for all teams in OCCRA and fell in Love with the medical profession. I was considering Electrical engineering but, i can always come back to teach what i learned during O.C.C.R.A. I learned many fields of technology while i was in O.C.C.R.A, while; building, driving, and helping to maintain the team and the robot. I learned great leadership skills that I have taken with me when I graduated the team. I can not stay away from these robotics competitions. It is just amazing what a few students, can do with in such a short time period. During my O.C.C.R.A years i learned how to completely, build and wire a robot. I actually wired the whole robot by myself the last year and I loved it. Also O.C.C.R.A’s past All Womans events at Lawrence Tech was thrilling, and exciting as well. To see females know how to drive, operate, maintain, and talk about the robot was so inspiring. All this and so much more, trust me. I have come back to help run events as best i came, to make this year’s O.C.C.R.A teams try to love and see this experience the way I did. I don’t know if this will help at all, but it is a start.:stuck_out_tongue: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: GOOD LUCK TEAMS… (sorry for the grammar and other stuff) HI MARTY!!!:slight_smile: