[OCCRA]: good season all

well thats all for OCCRa this year for roeper as we have no women… thanks everyone for making the season great and thanks NDP for not hating us after the semi-finals (or at least not showing it)

Yes great job to everyone. I’d also like to thank IA for being such good sports. Literally 30 seconds after we (team 23) tipped their robot and cost them the championship we were short a battery. I went up to them to ask if we could borrow one and not only didn’t they give me a nasty look, but they actually let us borrow a fully charged battery (with a higher voltage than even our best). Not only that, but when we had to take our 5 min time out to try to repair our robot they offered us spikes, victors or anything we needed to get it up and running. That kind of stuff is what the competition is all about, and its really great to see other teams helping each other in times like that. Everyone in OCCRA was AWESOME-O this year, and I was just so glad to see teams helping each other out they way that they did, because that is the true spirit of the competition.

In addition to IA, I would like to make a shout out to team 33 for the charger and team 245 for the battery and the charger. Thanks everyone, and I look forward to another GREAT OCCRA season next year!

Yes a very good job done by all teams. Thanks to to 2 for helping us out and using teamwork to get us to the semis. All teams did very well and i hope to see as many of you guys and gals at the all girls compy… see ya then

Yeah it was a great season but it kind of just flew by and it was over. I guess time does fly when you are having fun. I had lots of fun this year but also stress but great job by everybody and i am looking forward to next year. Can’t wait to kickoff. :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

you forgot to mention stmary’s??? thanks for being GREAT alliances!!

I’ll admit it was nice having balls back on the field again, after a full year of tubie and tetra experimentation. The multifaceted nature of the game allowed for multiple strategies to be played out, and I’m glad to see defense back on the field.

The robots were amazing in design, strategy, and teamwork. I think I’ll remember the championship lunch break when all of the Killer Bees came over to Roeper’s pit and quickly drilled and bolted on two hooks to their arm- that was impressive cooperation. The feud between the roller/storage robots and the foreceps robots was interesting to watch; both robots could manipulate different strategies to accomplish what they needed to do. Also, the growth of hanging between the first regional and the championships surprised me- by the end of the day, close to about every robot could hang. An excellent eason overall.

Now on the order of congrats:
Waterford and Juggernauts- your defensive plays were amazing, and the cooperation between your two robots on the field was a true alliance. Congrats on winning the championship!
ChiefDelhpi- I apologize for all the strange and unusuall events that occured during our matchs (A little square dance here, fused robots there…), and thank you very much for pulling it off without us being there at full strength. Working with your teams was wonderful, and I hope we’ll play some matched together in FIRST.
North Farmington- Awesome robot and great strategy! Thank you for the website you put together and for the scorekeeping program, and congrats on making it to the finals.
All OCCRA teams- congrats on a season well played, I had a great time talking to as many of the teams as possible, and I hope you can all come back next year.
Refs & Judges- Thank you so much for volunteering your time to make the games and awards possible!

The OCCRA season has been great so far, and I’m looking forward to next year, but before next OCCRA season begins, I’m also looking forward to seeing as many oakland county teams as possible out participating in the FIRST robotics competition.