[OCCRA]: Hanging clarification with a robot touching us

My team read a rule that if there is another robot touching us while we’re hanging the points won’t count. My teacher said there was a rule like this for FIRST in 2013 and it was referring to an assisted hang. Can I get this cleared up please?

According to GR9:
“To get the HANGING BONUS, a robot’s weight must be supported by the HANG BAR and the entire robot must be off the floor at the conclusion of a match. If another robot is in contact with a hanging robot at the end of a match it will have no effect on the bonus score.”

In OCCRA, refs will not try to establish what % of the robot’s weight is born by the HANG BAR and what portion is possibly being born by another robot. They will not care if another robot is making contact with it, as long as the hanging robot is completely off the floor and it is suspended from the HANG BAR.