[OCCRA]: Help regarding Electrical Box

Does anyone have any pictures that our team can use as a reference for how to wire the electrical box? Also, if possible, could someone explain how to attach the wires to the Strain Relief bolt, preferably with pictures? Thank you!

On a slightly different note, what is the allowable age for electrical parts? The grounding board and the electrical distribution board our team is using are from 2+ years ago. Are they still good for use? Let me know if you need more information and/or pictures of the pieces. Again, thank you!

A. There is no age limit on electrical components–keep using them until they stop working!

Part 1 of the “How-To” Guide (found at the occra.net website,) linked [here explains how the system works, complete with pictorial diagrams on page 22.

Part 2, page 1 of the “How-To” Guide (found at the occra.net website,) linked here: describes the technique of strain relieving wires.](“http://www.oakland.k12.mi.us/LinkClick.aspx?link=CFE%2Foccra%2F2012+How-To+Guide+Part+1.pdf&tabid=535&mid=4027”)