[OCCRA]: Human Player Limitations

Hi, I am a student, Kamayah, from Team 573

We were wondering whether human players were allowed to load balls into the robot via the space below the black bar (in between it and the ground). We assume there are no physical restraints, based on the iso view and the drawing of the Fence portal, which was 17 inches. We could be wrong though.

Also suppose we were able to do that. Would say, running rollers on the robot in order to obtain the ball violate SG11?

Thank you for the question:
To Clarify: Teams can load their robot either over or under the top rail of the field perimeter. If a robot has a roller system, the Human player can pass balls to this intake as long as the Human Player does not touch the robot or put their hands into the playing field.

The intention of this rule is that robots are to be safely loaded by humans when “loading”. Loading is loading. Strategies based on bouncing balls off of robots or other types of ‘not actually loading’ approaches to entering balls will not be allowed.