[OCCRA]: Important Arrow question

The rules are confusing about the Height of the arrow and the placement of the holes on the ramps. According to the rules, it says there is a 2 foot pole with an arrow on the top. This is not very specific. How high is the arrow from the ground? Is it 2 feet from the ground? Is it 2 feet above the platform? Wouldn’t most robots be able to push the arrow easily because they can be up to 3 feet? What are the dimensions of the arrow?

The other question is about the holes on the ramps. Where are they specifically? Could you make a clear map of where specifically on the holes are?

These questions are key in the design of our robot, so we need an answer soon.

Sorry you are asking the question in the wrong forum. Please post all future questions in the Q & A forum above. Look there for the answer.