[OCCRA]: Kindness on this website!!!

Ok, everyone that is a user involved with occra: these occra forums are starting to get out of control. This is not the place to solve any of these issues. This is supposed to be a friendly atmosphere and it works a lot better that way trust me. Let’s just all forget about what is said and done we can’t change it now. Let’s all start over fresh and just remember that you are representing your school and team. If I offended anybody by my posts I want to say that I am sorry. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :cool: :slight_smile:

don’t see why everyone is freaking out, we’re just having some friendly discussion…

I’ve been reading the posts regarding the competitions.
It is obvious to me that the competitions have been planned out very carefully and well.
It is also obvious to me that the support of women in science and technology is a part of this plan as is encouraging girls to enter into robotics as an exciting and challenging field. Our team has about 6 girls this year. This is a bumper crop for us and roughly about a 5th of the team. In recent years we only had one girl and that made it difficult for her to travel to Championships. She ended up not being able to go because we couldn’t afford the room and travel expense of a chaperone for her.

It seems to me that the competitions are fair and well thought out. There may be a time when the engineering fields have many qualified women working in them. Right now that is not the case. OCCRA is doing good stuff.

heh I dont think you ever offended anyone, me and james just wanted a freindly discussion of the scoring system. Sorry if it got a bit out of control and sorry if I offended anyone

Well you did not offend me either. You guys do have to watch the language a little bit but thanks for the apology on behalf of everyone that views this thread. :slight_smile:

I really really like being able to debate the stuff online, and hear everybody’s opinion, but I think some of that are completely inappropriate, I think the one I am remembering is the “girls can’t drive when their right hand is busy” or something along those lines. I’m a girl, and i thought that was very, VERY rude. :slight_smile: Other than that comment I think some of it got out of control, but i do like using this sometimes for stuff other than just fixing the motor, although thats helpful too :slight_smile:

Edit: Nothing to see here people, move along…