[OCCRA]: Legal VEX stuff

OCCRA has specific rules for the VEX portion of the game. Some important things to remember are. The inspector will be checking.

[FONT=Arial]“The OCCRA rules say that you may use whatever is in the kit or on the additional materials list when building robots. We supplied 4 motors for the VEX robots: that’s all that are allowed. We supplied only 2 servos with the kit but also placed servos on the additional materials list, so teams may use any number of servos that they wish. The former FIRST VEX rules were different than OCCRA’s, I know, but we must follow our own rules! We can change this rule for next year if the teams desire. The VEX sprockets are likewise subject to the same rules as the big robot (maximum of 18, any size that we supplied). There is no limit on the wheels except they must have a total cost of under $100. There is no limit on chain, sheet metal, fasteners, etc. Mr. Martus will be answering any other rules clarifications on the www.chiefdelphi.com website/”.

Mike McIntyre