[OCCRA]: light(s) on robot

If we wanted to add a light or flashlight to our robot, does it have to be wired into our control box? Or can we just use the on/off switch and attached seperatly? This light has no mechanical purpose.

Laser lights are not permitted but decorative lighting is allowed. No light may be used that presents a safety hazard (e.g. so bright that it temporarily blinds members of the audience) or that hinders drivers and human players on the opposing alliance.

Decorative, non-functional lighting may use its own power source, and therefore does NOT require any operator control and does NOT need to pass through the control box. All wiring for decorations must still be safe and follow all of the other wiring rules.

All functional electronic components must use one of the allowed power sources: the 7.2V blue battery, the 9V back-up battery, or the 12V battery. If the flashlight is used for aiming, that would be considered a functional device. If the flashlight was used only to blink in celebration, it will likely be considered decorative. The refs make the final call. Functional electronic devices must be powered by one of the batteries in the control box and must follow all electrical rules (correct guage wire, etc.)