[OCCRA]: Low level co-processors?

:confused: May we use low level co-processors specifically for ascetic purposes Ex. Arduino uno ::safety:: ::rtm::

Love, Team 203
Representative, Tyler Mercer, Communications Expert

Thanks for posting your question. I just wanted to respond that you will probably get an answer after the OCCRA kickoff on Monday, September 8th from a member of the Game and Kit Committee.

In the interim, I assume this co-processor will be mounted on the robot but will be used to control LED lights?

No co-processors have been allowed in OCCRA because we have always felt that we would keep things simple in OCCRA and we did not want to open up the possibility that teams could use co-processors for functional applications (not just for decorations.) I am pretty sure that the Rules Committee will say “NO” but I will pose the question to them on Monday.