[OCCRA]: Motor Controllers

We only have 884 Victors, even though the KOP says we should have 888’s. Can we still use the 884’s or should we order some 888’s? We also only have one Talon SR speed controller. Is there a difference in what we use?

Official answer:
I just checked the VEX Robotics website and you can only now order Victor 888 motor controllers, so, the OCCRA KOP rules must have been written with that in mind. Yes, you can use the older Victors (884) without issue. OCCRA wants to reuse as many parts as possible to keep team costs down.

There are some subtle differences between the Victor 884 and 888 and Talon motor controllers. You would probably not notice much difference unless you place two different units on your drivetrain running your CIM motors. For this reason, it is recommended that you run the same units, if possible, and not mix and match. They all will certainly work but it is best to keep the same units if at all possible.

I glanced through the OCCRA rules and see your confusion. Since the Victor 888 motor controllers are now only available, they appear in the KOP section. So, a new team paying the $3500 registration fee would technically receive this part.
However, if you check the inspection sheet you will see that it only says Vic or Victor without the specific model number 884 or 888 making either model acceptable for OCCRA use.