[OCCRA]: Moving the basket... HELP!!

Dear fellow robotics competitors and/or OCCRA staff,

  ok. so the JAMD robotics team is currently trying to devise a pneumatic system to lift the basket. we need the EXACT measurement (as close as possible) of the height of the bottom of the metal bar relative to the ground, the EXACT measurement (again, as close as possible) of the bar's diameter, and also the EXACT distance (...once again...) of the distance from the side of the metal bar to the side of the box.

 Much Appreciated,
     :D   The "Varsity" JAMD Robotics Team  :D

I believe the bottom of the bar is about 27.5 inches above the ground. It has a 3/4 inch diameter. As for the last dimension, I assume you are talking about how far out from the basket the handle extends? if this is correct, then the dimension should be about 11 inches.

Run a search for the cad drawings; Im not sure where they are, but thats where all this info came from.

good luck

I second that one, it sounds right. :slight_smile: