[OCCRA]: New Rankings??

I want to know what are the new rankings from Detriot.

Hey, give’m a break. They do have day jobs, you know.

Go to nfhsrobotics.org click on OCCRA and then “ranks” Our sweet computer guy has it all set up, its AWESOME! it gives you the ranks for each individual competition and then the overall ones as well!


Hey I appreciate the hard work in putting these lists together, it’s nice to see, but I was comparing your list to the ‘Official List’, and just looking at about the first half, I’ve found quite a few Best 12’s that don’t line up. Do you know why this is? If your data is wrong (ie you were misinformed by some scouters), that’s fine, but if the ‘Official List’ has some errors, I’m sure we’d all like to know (particularly teams 9 and 65, who are tied in the official rankings, but not in yours).

Discrepancies I found (just looking at 1-13th place):

TEAM #  Your B12   Official B12
33        237         215
1         218         210
65        204         203
245       193         192
72        148         147
777       138         140

That’s why you go by the OCCRA Rankings whether they are wrong or right because that is what you pick by. NFHS you guys are very gracious for providing the rankings for everyone and I thank you for that. :slight_smile:

ok thanks everybody!! :slight_smile: