[OCCRA]: New Rules for the DUMP STATION

With version #8 of the Rules, OCCRA has a re-written paragraph and a new paragraph within GR11:

The Human Player who operates the DUMPING STATION mechanism, the HP DUMPER, may only reach inside a TRASH CAN to undo jammed balls: they may NOT attempt to prevent the BONUS Ball from being scored. The HP DUMPER may not initiate a DUMP after the time expires in a match but if the process of making a DUMP has already started when time expires, the HP DUMPER may continue the process of DUMPING for a maximum of 5 seconds. While DUMPING, the HP DUMPER must hold onto the PVC pipe the entire time until the DUMPER has returned to the rest position.

Balls that go into the DUMP STATION (aka the “Junkyard”) may not be removed during a match. If a ball goes into the DUMP STATION but bounces out, it will be returned to the DUMP Station by OCCRA officials. Balls that go into the DUMPER may be DUMPED by the HP DUMPER without being inside a TRASH CAN.