[OCCRA]: OCCRA awards

So far these are the winners of each award:
(Obviously first team- Walled Lake, second team- Orchard Lake, third team- Southfield)

I’ll be updating again after Hazel Park.

Beautiful Bot- 47, 573, 1188
Spirit of the Competiton- 802,97, 50
GM Technical Excellence- 469, 9, 1
Play of the Day- 33&2, 47&65, 9&23
Strategic Design- 9,4,94
Quality- 33, 802, 469
Judges 1- 3, 23, 43
Judges 2- 573, 47, 72

Congratulations to everyone :slight_smile:

</edit> if anyone has questions about any of this stuff…feel free to PM, IM, or email me to ask.

thanks! but what does


Thanks for putting these up, Ellen :slight_smile:

Ryo - First team listed in an award won at the first regional (Walled Lake), second team listed won at the second regional (Orchard Lake), and so on

oooooooooooooooooooooooh. wow. im slow. i actually had to read your post like 4 times to figure it out too. wow. im gonna go to bed now… :rolleyes: