[OCCRA]: [OCCRA]: Powder Coating and Field Dimensions

Question 1

What is the legality of powder coating in OCCRA?

Rule RB8 states, "Any item or material whose sole purpose and function is to decorate or identify the robot may be used (subject to proof of NON-Function by the officials). All items must be ―off-the-shelf (available to all teams) and sold as an individual or quantity package. "

We do all of our powder coat work in-house, including preparing and baking the parts. Students do all of the steps of the process independently, and all the supplies are readily available at multiple vendors, both locally and online.

Looking in the manual, there does not seem to be any specific rules prohibiting powder coating, but before we go through the process of decorating our parts via powder coat, we want to ensure that this process is deemed legal, nonfunctional decoration.

Question 2

What is the thickness of the field wall?

The rules state that the 2x8 board to which the tees are attached is flush with the field wall, however we cannot find documentation regarding the field wall dimensions to be able to determine the distance from the carpet to the tee.

Thank you,
Richard Z, asking questions on behalf of Team 3538.

ANSWER 1: We have always considered the paint job to be non-functional in OCCRA, so there is no rule against powder coating. For any features that affect robot functionality (e.g. you were applying a high-strength low-friction coating to be a bearing surface), you would be limited to the list of allowed materials and all the other OCCRA restrictions.

ANSWER 2: The field perimeter is made from 4" angle aluminum; the board that the loading Tees are mounted to is depicted in the drawings and will butt up flush to the edge of the wall perimeter. Remember: the Tees are OFF the field (NOT on the side of the aluminum that has the 4" vertical rise). The 4" vertical rise will face the field, like always. The Tees will be secured to the field railings with Kee-clamps.