[OCCRA]: OCCRA Ranking Spreadsheet

Hi everyone,

We made a ranking Google Sheet that we want to share with everyone. It has the rankings and a formula to calculate the total score (using only the top 12 matches as per OCCRA ranking) so that way we don’t need to wait for the official rankings to see how things look before the county championships.

Right now, the scores match the official scores exactly. We will try to add scores after the competition with the scores from the Diversity tournament, but it would be amazing if anyone can contribute and verify the scores before the official ones come out. If any changes need to be made, feel free to comment or request editing permissions.

Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GLhu_KAIhZyGGZD3fnJj-s_adj2ModkWaf_AUcjxZfo/edit?usp=sharing