[OCCRA]: Pontiac and Rochester

I’d like to congradulate Pontiac and Rochester for winning the finals. My name is Dakota Hensley I am from team 1188. You probably saw me I was the phsyco that kept jumping and screaming. You have probably seen me dancing to Cotton Eyed Joe. I was amazed at first when I saw how good Pontiac Central’s robot was. I grew up in Pontiac and never saw any good from it. That changed when I saw this team. They always seemed happy. If I take anything from this year it will be what I have always been told don’t judge people before you meet them. I wish I could say that for everyone but Pontiac was the team that stood out to me. If anyone there deserved to win it was them. Not just for their robot but their team too. They have very kind people. When our clamp broke for the first time they offered to help.

Thank you much. We do have a kind team it is in the team chemistry and we are always happy. We are always willing to help another team if we can rather it is physically helping, giving spare parts or even advice. Thank you for your kindness, also team 245 were awesome partners and had lots of GP.

I think the championship was by far the best competition. those matches were crazy. there were so many close calls. Congragulations to teams 47 and 245 for winning the championship and to teams 1 and 1188 for being finalists. CONGRAGULATIONS EVERYONE for a great competition and season.

I second that one!! :wink:

congragulations josh you guys deserved it.

Thanks, it was about time!!! :slight_smile:

your tellin me

I just want to congratulate 47 and 245 on their championship. As a parent I wasnt sure if I could get into the competitions but every one amazed me. I really enjoyed all the competitions, but the championship one was the best. I cant wait until next year. Congratulations again to team 47, josh you guys rock.

Thank you, that was the goal this year!!! :wink:

Thank you Dakota, yes I do remember you. You are a great person and always smiling. Even though our teams were against each other we still had that friendly vibe to wards each other and you can’t really find that alot any more. Thank you. good luck in FIRST.

Thank you alot for attending the competitions and being a great supporter of not only our team but so many others as well. You help to keep the stands alive, thanks.( wait untill FIRST season starts). :wink:

Rochester, you guys were a great partner. Your team was so awsome to meet and get to know. I hope to meet up with you guys again, soon. :slight_smile:

Thanks! You guys were really phenomenal to work with, too. I guess we’ll just see what happens down the road. After all, we may be against each other all too soon.

Thanks for the comment! you guys were awesome to, we made the Oakland Press today, it is in the “OUR TOWN” section. See ya at West Michigan, who knows what might happen??? :wink: