OCCRA Question: no CNC?

Question about OCCRA. I know they don’t allow sponsors to do the machining for kids. Do they allow students to run their own CNC machines, or other machines such as lasers and 3D printers? How about mills and lathes? I like their sport and just want to understand it better. Thx


No they are not allowed to be used. OCCRA is geared more towards getting new students a basic understanding of what goes into building a robot, understanding how planning around a game challenge works, etc. as well as providing some of the more experienced students the chance to step into leadership roles on their team that may have been vacated by graduated students.

A decent amount of our schools do OCCRA in more of a school setting, so the no computer-run and precision machining is to make sure there’s a somewhat level playing field, especially since there isn’t really any adult/mentor involvement with the robot other then giving advice to students and hour a week.

The GDC has discussed 3D printing before each season the past couple years, but we have decided this far the disparity is too big and it’s not something the teams really need to have a good experience in the program.

Feel free to ask any more questions you have here or you can also PM me for more information!

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Thanks Nick, that’s exactly what I hoped to get