[OCCRA]: Rankings

Why have the championship competition rankings replaced the overall season rankings on the occra.chiefdelphi.com website? I think there should be two rankings: one for the overall compilation of all the matches throughout the whole season, and one for the final standings of the championship tournament. I don’t mean to be selfish/arrogant but I think it’s a little ridiculous that the number-one-seeded team does not appear anywhere in the so-called Overall Rankings just because we could not participate in the championship competition. :frowning:

:ahh: Actually what is ridiculous is the fact that your team was able to be ranked number one without participating in the MANDATORY 3 tournaments(we all have our “commitments”). If you want to be fair to all teams, you should have averaged in a 0 in the tournament you were absent for, which would give you 14 or something or let every one use their best two performances to their credit. Just because you get lucky at the two tournaments you were in doesn’t give you the right to claim your brilliance.

This is due to the fact that with the current system, the “overall” rankings are actually stored as a ranking for the championship, rather than using a separate table for overall rankings, as the use of the season rankings are to place your team in the elimination tournament at the championship. If I was to create a separate overall ranking, which I will do if there is a desire from a large portion of the OCCRA community, I would adjust the rankings so all teams would be assumed to have the same number of matches(10). This is what we have done in the past for teams who were not able to attend three regional qualifiers, but did take part in the championship.


I think that if we had been able to participate in a third regional competition, we would have retained our position, but its futile to argue this becuase there is no way to truly know and obviously i am biased. However, I don’t think you can say that we got lucky in two tournaments. in fact, our scores were steadier than other teams which averaged in the low 20’s in one competition, and then averaged above 30 in another. this type of fluctuation shows more random luckiness than repeating approximatley the same average.

but i didn’t mean to start a heated debate/argument/discussion here. just venting some steam about not being able to compete in the championship.

by the way, when is the banquet? i forget the date, time, place, etc.

dec 9 i think. its a tue or a thurs. not sure.
and for you guys being steady… well, you guys missed the matches where teams fought over the arrow and many times with tubies on them. like us, you guys were more of a tubie in the holes strategy. yes this was a safe, reliable way to go but the arrow with tubies on them had higher points. teams such as 47 which were all about the arrow were a hit or miss. they get high points or they dont. so they cant be as consistent. sure some teams can rip tubies out of the holes but it is a more consistent scoring method. just a bit slower maybe. so no you cannot say you guys would have stayed up top. we thought the same thing at the beginning while we were waaaay up. and if we didnt do miserably at some matches, we would be a lot higher. one bad match hurt us a lot. im sure no teams had perfect matches the whole way, and the more matches you do, the more mistakes might be made. so well, kinda forgot what i was trying to say.
well sumthing like im sorry you guys couldnt attend all the matches, but you cant have everything.

accully its rediculous we had 2 qualifires on eather a saturday or friday so that the JA couldnt go. also the champoinship on a saturday was unfair to JA.

Before I start, I would like to comment on the spelling in these posts (and the general OCCRA forums): Please use a bit of spell check before posting; it’s a pretty handy feature. Be cautious of temper flares and criticism. OCCRA is a wonderful program, even it being brought back year after year to this county is a feat in and of itself. That said, I’d like to give a big thank you to all the organizers and participants of OCCRA!

Now on to the actual topic at hand:

Before going off into the ridiculous explanation for all this- what do you think can be done to make this better for the next years? Criticism without a possible alternatives won’t bring changes quickly.

Members of the Jag-wires- do you think it would be possible to have a greater effect on the planning commission to make the tournaments playable for you as well? Its only my opinion, but discussing and contributing advice for planning a tournament might be helpful- this is what I would do if I was in you situation.

As for the championships- these are hard to plan on a weekday, because they usually last for a good 6 or more hours of matches and eliminations. I am shorthanded here to come up with any possible alternatives.

DStiebel, I wouldn’t fret about having your team number up on some random webpage. What impacts team members most is their learning experience through OCCRA. Lists of teams and numbers are soon forgotten and all you are left with are your awards and memories of the fall season. In my team’s case as the Placebo, we received no awards or scores for anything we did. But through the entire season, we have built up friendships and learned teamwork- this is what stays with your team. While not receiving recognition for holding the highest place before the Championships might be a disappointment to you, please try and remember the positive: you participated in a wonderful, local robotics tournament.

Best of luck to everyone in the next OCCRA season!


We have asked OCCRA to plan another regional on a weekday every season for the last three years. It is my understanding that our school even gave them a school calendar with all the conflicting dates (but a school calendar isn’t really necessary to find out which days are Saturdays.) Nevertheless, we have not had more than 2 regionals during any one season.

Our school’s robotics team just started in 2001 (this was our fourth season) and to be honest, I didn’t think we were good enough in our first seasons to really force OCCRA to adjust the schedule. But we made sure that OCCRA knew the conflict.

This year, our team really came together and we did a lot better than in previous years, but OCCRA still didn’t plan a third weekday regional. i realize that it is more difficult to plan perhaps than a Saturday regional, but it’s been 4 years.

as for the championship, Mr. McIntyre explained to us that Championships usually take 6-9 hours. (we were not aware of this because we never attended one.) thus, weekdays were not feasible. however, I am still unsure as to why Sundays are not considered. I realize that many people on other teams go to Church, but I would like to know how many teams would compete in a championship on a Sunday. Would you or your team withdraw from the Championship competition if it was on Sunday? How much of a conflict does this present?

(next year OCCRA has planned to have 3 regionals on weekdays so I would like to thank them for that. I really appreciate that they have taken us into consideration, and I look forward to seeing how JA does next year. good luck to everyone, too.)

Sorry for not spell checking my post… I don’t know about other people but I like the idea of having the championship on a Sunday if it meant another team could compete. I know my team could still compete (or am very sure at least )