[OCCRA]: Replacement drive motors

We want to replace are drive motors. What is the allowed drive motor. Are we limited to dewalt or bosch drill motor? Thank you very much.

Please read the rules. We are very specific as to what motors you can use. Using motors that are not approved will disqualify your robot at inspection. You are not allowed free substitution of motors. The inspectors are very careful in the inspection process. In fact you are required to list the motors you use on the Pre-Inspection form. Teams without the completed pre-inspection form will NOT be inspected and will NOT be allowed to compete.

Refer to the list of approved motors and materials that you were given at the kick off. Play close attention to the additional materials list contained in the 2007 rules. If it is not specifically on the list you cannot use it. Just because it is sold locally does not make it legal.

Replacement motors may be requested by your adult team leader. The requests must be made to Mr. McIntyre. The cost will be charged against your team.