I am new to programming for FRC and i just wrote my first frc program in java. When i tried to deploy the code i got this error:

 [echo]  roboRIO not found via mDNS, falling back to static USB
 [echo] roboRIO not found via USB, falling back to static address of

C:\Users\HP\wpilib\java\current\ant\build.xml:45: Assertion failed boolean test.
roboRIO not found, please check that the roboRIO is connected, imaged and that the team number is set properly in Eclipse

Total time: 8 seconds

How do i solve this issue? And to stress the issue i am new to programming frc so i do not know that much, but i really need this to work before competition this saturday.

I’m probably not going to be the person to answer your question, but I know that those people will need more info, such as:

How is the roboRIO connected? To the D-link, or by direct USB connection to the development platform?

If to the D-link, is the development platform tethered (connected via a network cable) or connecting wirelessly?

How is the D-link configured? What image version is installed, and what IP address does it have? If you’re connecting over wireless to the development platform, what is the network name (SSID)?

Finally, how is your development platform configured? What version of what software does it have, and is it configured to use DNS on the port that you’re connecting? If not, what IP address is it (and also the D-link) configured for?

Also have you imaged the roboRIO as described here?