[OCCRA]: Robot interaction outside the game field

As a part of the game rules under section GR19: Robot Actions and Interactions, it is not clearly defined if a robot appendage can break the field perimeter for such actions as human player loading. It is only stated that a robot chassis can not break said field perimeter… Is this of fair play or will it be subject penalty.

Robot appendage are not supposed to break the field perimeter for any actions, including actions such as human player loading. Referees will not call incidental violations that do not pose a safety threat to humans or damage to the field structures (goals). If the refs see flagrant violations where there is a potential risk to humans (either HPs, refs, or field reset volunteers) they will flag the action and could possibly penalize the team. If the robot tips over and touches outside of the field perimeter, the power will probably be shut off to the offending robot. Safety is our main concern.