[OCCRA]: Robot starting configuration

My team would like to know if boltheads/minor protrusions will count in our overall size, or not(similar to FRC rules from last year)…for example, if our overall frame width is 38" exactly, and we have bolt heads protruding outside of the frame, is our robot legal?

Our intention is to police and enforce the <R5> perimeter size rule in the much same manner as in FIRST Robotics.

Minor protrusions no greater than ¼ in. such as bolt heads, fastener ends, and rivets are not considered part of the frame perimeter.

Teams must make attempts to be as legal as possible. We do not have bumpers in OCCRA, so protrusions many be potentially damaging to other robots or the playing field. If protrusions outside the defined limits exist and modifications can easily be made to use lower profile bolts or fasteners, refs and inspectors reserve the right to request that teams make these changes in order to be compliant with rule <R5>.