[OCCRA]: Rule Clearification: Pressure in tanks.

The rules state that the robot must not contain pressure when being transported. However, it does not state that the tanks cannot be re-energized after the robot has reached the field.

So, my question is, is it legal to energize your tanks after the robot has already been transported onto the field (before your match, prob during the one that’s going on before yours)?

Thank you

All robots must enter the field with pneumatic systems empty. You may not use a portable unit to pressurize the units on the field. Please read the rules.

When you turn on your robot as you set your robot down the compressor will start up and pressurize your system. There is plenty of time before the match starts to reach approved pressures.

If you wire your system as per our rules this will happen.

Furthermore all robots must purge the air at the end of the match before transporting the robot off the field. Location of you relief valve will be checked at inspection. This is a safety issue in both entrance and exit transportation of the robot.

Warning: Design your system so that when you turn your robot on the pneumatic devices will NOT move. Movement may put you robot out of size configuration and will be illegal and disqualified. We will not wait a match for you to reposition your pneumatics at the start of a match.