[OCCRA]: Safety Zone

While any robot can go into either of the safety zone, my question is how much has to be in the zone.

Rule GR5 says in part "To be considered in the zone, no part of the robot may be touching the surface (carpet) that is located outside the taped area. If any part of the robot is touching the floor outside the scoring zone the alliance will not receive the 5 point bonus for that robot (referees will overlook incidental pieces of robots that get broken off during interactions on the field, but all parts still attached to the robot will be counted). The tape is considered part of the zone surface and will score. "

At the OCCRA Kickoff I thought I heard Mr. Mac say the robots had to be totally in. (inferring that all the robot had to be in zone).

Can you clarify comment on this? And if the robot has to be inside the tape or if they can be on the tape?

The Game and Kit committee will meet prior to the Pontiac Northern event and issue a clarification of the rule to maintain consistency between events. This clarification will be made at the drivers meeting and posted later here.

At Holly the officials made sure 100% of the robot was in the scoring zone. The zone was the area outlined by the white tape - considering the white tape as being part of the zone. The corner robot starting area is not considered the scoring zone. This forces all robots to move to score points.

I remember only 1 match where the robot was close and the officials had to take a close look. Here Jim Z. used a clipboard to determine if the robot was in or out. All other matches were very clear in or out status.