[OCCRA]: Schedule for Royal Oak Tournament

Some membes of our team and suppot base will not be able to attend all of the tounament. Is there a schedule of events for Saturday, and if so, could you post it? Specifically, we need the times when the women’s matches are being run, and when the adult/coaches match is.

Roeper - Team 2

I will post the details as soon as possible.

Here is what I know:

We set up in the morning, Time ?

3 All Female Matches - Females do all the driving and work in the pit also. (A team can get an exemption if needed to make a major repair that the females may not know how to do - SEE a OCCRA Official)

3 All Male matches

1 Diversity which is:Combination of the following to make a team
1 - Mentor (Graduated alumni)
1 - Teacher
1 - Administrator, Director, Board Member
1 - Parent
1 - Adult ( Over 18 other )
You will need 2 drivers
You will need 1 Human Player
You will need 1 Coach
You will need 1 Vex turn-er-on -er

A max of 5 persons just like the competition.

The regular team members can place the robot on/off the field and connect the controls if needed (I think it would be best for all of us).

The Diversity match will NOT count for your best 12 matches.

Tear Down.

I will post the tentative timing ASAP!

Hi All,
I’m getting alot of questions about the format for the “adults-only” match on Saturday. Let me start by reminding everybody that this is an opportunity to bring in more support for the league and I hope that everybody will take advantage of it. The last (7th) match of the day is the adult match. It can’t hurt your team’s score but it could help it if it’s better than one of your student scores. We request that you have an administrator, a teacher, a parent, an alumnus, and one other adult supporter to fill the 5 standard “drive-team” positions (VEX Operator, Coach, Chassis Driver, Arm Operator and Human Player). Questions have been asked, such as:
“Is a parent of a former student eligible to drive?”
“Does a department head count as an administrator?”
“Can an administrator with a teaching certificate count as a teacher?”
“Does the alumnus have to be a former team member or just a graduate of the school?”
To make this simple for everybody, let’s just say that the definitions of each is left to the team. Please keep in mind the purpose of this format: to bring in support for our students from different parts of the community. We do not want to see last year’s entire drive team on Saturday: please field a diverse group of adults from the community!

There will be a concession stand at Royal Oak High School on Saturday. The map is linked here: MAP
Our best guess on the schedule for the day is: 7:00 Set-up begins
8:00 Inspection
9:00 Drive team Meeting
9:15 Welcome and Anthem
9:30 All-Female Matches Begin
11:00 Lunch
11:30 All-Male Matches Begin
1:00 Adult Matches Begin
1:30 Awards
2:00 Take Down the Field

Teams needing tech support, particularly VEX help, are reminded that Marc Center and Mark Taylor have offered to help with VEX. There was not enough support to warrant a second VEX workshop, but individualized tech help is available.

That’s all for now; take care.
Mike McIntyre