OCCRA Scores and current County Ranking 2021

Everyone will be playing 3 more matches before the elimination at the County Championship. Each teams top 12 scores will count towards their ranking, and we will drop your lowest 4 matches.

2021 OCCRA County Ranking.pdf (33.9 KB) 2021 OCCRA Birmingham Scores.pdf (33.2 KB) 2021 OCCRA Marian Scores.pdf (45.6 KB)

Just to clarify, are we again using the top 12 matches on the season for final rankings? So in theory, the worst 4 matches for each team would not factor into their final standings?


This is correct, assuming the team plays all 16 possible matches.

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Thanks for the information.

In the overall scores
Maybe clarify Match 4 Scores for team 3, 2 as I believe they may be swapped and Match 7 score for team 308 I don’t recall a zero, but I do remember an 11, but I may be wrong.

I do still have all the score sheets from this season and will go back and look at that later tonight. I will keep you posted

I went back through all the scores and thank you for letting me know those got flipped. This is why I keep all the sheets till the end of the season. Here is the updated ranking from each event and the over all ranking.

2021 OCCRA Marian Scores Updated.pdf (45.6 KB) 2021 OCCRA Birmingham Scores Update.pdf (33.2 KB) 2021 OCCRA County Ranking Update.pdf (33.9 KB)

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