[OCCRA]: Scoring Comments Part 2

Hey again everybody,

This thread is a followup to the one i posted earlier in the season looking for comments on what you thought should be added into the scoring code for OCCRA this year. What I’m asking for this time around is for everyone to watch exactly what the scoring code provides at the events, and post comments as to what you would like added, or maybe changes to what is already in the code. I’ll keep an eye on this thread throughout the season, but if you want to give me any comments directly, I should be at all the events this season…

Title: Holly Competition Scoring Results Oct 23, 2004
From: Marc Center, new parent, OCCRA Team#30

Based on the announcer, the highest scoring round was
21 points (2 times out of 17 rounds).
Arrow(5), 2 robots final position (10), 3 tubies (6).

Typical score was in low teens.
Arrow Direction appears to be major wildcard (5 points).
Many teams did not return to area / right area and
lost 5 / 10 points per round.
Typical tubies located in slot was 3 tubies/round.
Largest number tubiels in slot was 6 (?) tubies one
alliance team pairing.