[OCCRA]: Shaft Couplings

Does anyone know what the bore sizes are in the shaft coupling?


which motor?

nevermind, we found that they were 3/8" in bore.

They are the steel shaft couplings that look like a super-long shaft collar with 4 set screws, we used them on out drill motors in 2003.


ahh yes. i just realized that now that we dont use that for our drive. or maybe not use them at all theres really no reason to use 3/8 shaft. we still use it tho. hm… would make more sense if we just bought 1/2 shaft for our axles next year. since our bearings are for 1/2 anyway. then we could skip the annoying process of using those brass bushing/spacers each time we go from 3/8 to 1/2.