[OCCRA]: Specs for OCCRA Globe motor

Does anyone have the specs for the Globe motor that is OCCRA legal?

I have specs from the FRC globe motor, but the ones I have with our OCCRA stuff dosen’t look like the FRC one (well, it looks roughly like the FRC one, but it has a plate on the top which is square and integral to the transmission housing, which the FRC one lacks, and appears to be of a slightly different size)

I will look however, over the years I am sure it is gone.

Best spec is… attach power and observe.

I talked to Jim Zondag today, he suggests to assume it is roughly the same as the FRC one and use the FRC spec. For the application the motor is under, with the FRC spec, I am running nowhere near a bad point in the power curve, so if it’s a little off, it should still be fine. The greatest part is that it’s only a sprocket change if I’m wrong, and the mechanism is very low torque.

For reference, the FRC spec is (from the FRC2009 motor data):
16.95 n-M torque stall
21.58 amp current draw stall
81 rpm free speed
0.82 amp current draw free
55 w peak power (10.5v)