[OCCRA]: Status

Well we are closing in on the first OCCRA Competition. We on the Game & Kit Committee are interested in what you think of this years challenge. Having footballs as the game piece should prove very interesting.

Post here on this thread and tell us at what stage of build you are. I have attached a pole for you to get a idea as to how other teams are doing.

Drivetrain: perfected
Ball gathering system: perfecting, but works with frequent jamming
launcher: framing done, drivetrain will be completed soon.

you other teams better post your progress so we can compare.

Team 47 is well on our way in the build process. We have a few small design problems to work on but we are making great progress. We will be ready come October 23rd. Can’t wait!


We’ve got our drivetrain completed and working perfectly, and our arm will be fully functional once we work out a few problems, but our shooter and loader still need to be completed. The engineers have all the parts we need drawn up in CATIA, but we crashed our CNC machine with bad G code, and we need to have the head replaced. We’ve been making some of the parts by hand on the lathe, but it’s really slowed down our progress.

…and if you believed that, I’ve got some great beachfront property in Arizona I’d like to sell you.:rolleyes: