[OCCRA]: Team Numbers

We were testing the new operator interface, and we realized that the new team number that we need to enter into it is not the same as our team number has been for the last 3 years. We used to have number 180 both as our teamnumber and as the number we enter into the interface. Now we have to enter 003 into our interface (which was the number that was programmed into the new interface when we got it.)

Does this mean that we have a new team number? or just a new number for the interface?

David Stiebel

This is by no means an official answer, but what needed to be done with FIRST and the new system was to set the team number using the dip switches on one side(i think the RC, but i’m not sure), and then tether the RC to the OI to transfer the data. This will then set the team number on the OI to your actual team number.

Nate S.
Tournament Software Developer

ahh. well, since this came up, i think i might ask as well… we recieved our new 04 rc and oi… well, i tested it out, or tried to at least… first, i tethered… so at this point after i put in power, the oi should transfer the data to the rc as to be able to communicate right? well, even when i tether it, the oi doesnt recognise its being tethered… with the no data/radio led flashing…
so, i tested the new rc with the “old” oi from last season’s FIRST oi. tethered it (with the same tether cable), and it worked fine… did i miss something? or is our “new” occra oi bad? at worst, we can just use our FIRST oi and there would be no problem, but i wouldnt be satisfied with just leaving the new occra oi…
how do i fix this problem?

Nate has the correct process.
Contact Mr. McIntyre if you suspect that the new unit is defective.

Are you sure you have the dip switches set, and are you sure the unit is correctly wired?

I may be wrong, but aren’t the dip switches to set the team number on the 2004 controller on the OI? The images on http://innovationfirst.com/FIRSTRobotics/index.htm seem to indicate that.

yes i am sure, as it worked perfectly with our “spare” oi with no modifications between… i will test one more time tomorrow and if no, i will contact him.